Services Offered

Mastering Philosophy

To enhance the sonic boundaries of your musical art to new heights while maintaining the fidelity of the recording and mix. I aim to help transform your music so it’s at its finest when you ultimately present it to the listening world.


My Mission

Mastering Engineer, Mike Marra, is committed to providing high quality audio mastering services for all musical genres, tailored specifically to your needs. In addition I will provide a great customer experience combined with musical knowledge to achieve your final sonic vision.



Audio Mastering

Masters for CD, Digital (mp3, iTunes) and Vinyl distribution.

Mastering is the final, critical, step in the audio production process where an artist can get their project finalized and sounding ready for distribution. It is the bridge between mixing and replication or distribution.


Audio Restoration

Audio restoration is the process of removing imperfections (such as hiss, crackle, noise, and buzz) from sound recordings which can sonically harm your audio project.


Mix Evaluation

Before your project is mastered, Michael Marra can perform a mix check / evaluation in order to ensure that your music can reach its fullest potential in the mastering process. An unbiased listen and opinion of your mix. Please note this process can occur if time permits.


For further details on our services and/or to obtain a quote for your project, please Contact Us.